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Loopholes AI allows marketers to write confidently and mistake-free on all ad platforms.
The AI scans your text in real time as you type to identify potential policy issues. Then simply apply the recommendations to avoid the risk of publishing non-compliant content and getting your ad account flagged.

Non-compliant ads? Not anymore

Publishing non-compliant content leads to blocked accounts and loss of revenue. Stop wasting valuable time and start using Loopholes AI today to protect your ad accounts.

  • Protect Your Ad Account

    Use Loopholes AI's built-in policies or write a custom policy. Loopholes AI scans your text in real-time as you type an email, social media post, an ad, or any text online in order to identify potential policy issues. Optionally, block publishing until all identified issues are fixed.

  • Save Time & Cut Costs

    The constantly changing advertising policies leads to publishing non-compliant content, blocked accounts, loss of revenue, and waste of valuable time. Loopholes AI automated process help you save 16 hours a week, cut employee costs, and increase your revenue by at least 22%.

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It's time to protect your ad accounts and eliminate risk with Loopholes AI.

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We're already helping many professionals to write confidently and mistake free — and we're so excited to help you do the same!