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Loopholes is the world's first AI-powered tool for digital marketing compliance. Our platform leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze text and creatives in real-time, identifying potential policy violations across major marketing platforms and products.

Our AI detects compliance issues and provides actionable recommendations and automated editing capabilities to correct them, ensuring marketers can launch compliant content and campaigns.

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Why Loopholes AI


Publishing non-compliant content can result in rejected ads, blocked accounts, and revenue loss. With Loopholes AI, this is no longer a concern. Our AI uses built-in policies for major ad platforms like Meta, Google, X, Reddit, and many more to identify potential policy issues in your ads and posts. Simply apply Loopholes AI recommendations to ensure full compliance and publish your campaigns with confidence.

Social Media

Maintaining compliance builds trust with your audience by demonstrating your commitment to ethical practices and transparency. It also safeguards your brand’s reputation and ensures consistent revenue streams by preventing disruptions from non-compliant content. In today’s increasingly regulated digital landscape, compliance is not just about avoiding penalties; it’s about cultivating a reliable and professional online presence.

Content Marketing & SEO

Creating compliant articles/blogs is crucial for establishing trust and credibility with your audience. It ensures that your content adheres to legal and regulatory standards, protecting your brand from potential penalties and reputational damage. Compliance also enhances your brand's reliability and professionalism, fostering stronger relationships with your readers. In a landscape where regulations are continually evolving, producing compliant articles is not just about avoiding negative consequences; it's about demonstrating your commitment to ethical practices and maintaining a sustainable, trustworthy online presence.

Agency & Brand Solution

Streamlining your agency process for growth. Our AI-powered platform empowers marketers and brands with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy, streamlining the campaign creation process and minimizing the risk of policy violations. Loopholes AI will help your agency cut employees costs, save time, and increase your revenue by at least 22%.

Why Marketers 🧡 Loopholes

"As an agency deeply entrenched in the digital marketing realm, we understand the complexities and challenges of ensuring compliance across various platforms. That's why we turned to Loopholes. From the moment we integrated this solution into our workflow, we noticed a significant transformation. Gone are the days of manual checks and the looming fear of non-compliant content slipping through the cracks."

CEO, Paradigm Media Agency

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