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Loopholes AI for Chrome

Loopholes AI for Chrome

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Publishing non-compliant campaigns can result in rejected ads, blocked accounts, and revenue loss. With Loopholes AI, this is no longer a concern.

Our AI uses built-in policies for Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram) to identify potential policy issues in your ads. After the scan is complete, simply apply Loopholes AI recommendations to ensure full compliance and publish your campaigns with confidence.

How Does it Work?

Loopholes AI scans your ad in real time pinpoints if there are compliance issues and identifies the exact regulations and guidelines that have been violated with recommendations on how to fix them to stay compliant.

Protect Your Ads with 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Log in to your Meta ad account
  2. Enable Loopholes on your Chrome browser 
  3. Apply the recommended edits 
  4. Publish your campaign with confidence 

It's time to streamline your process and minimize the risk of policy violations! Loopholes AI will help you cut costs, save time, and increase revenue.

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